For the “AtmaNirbhar” Indian Commuter

Own a two-wheeler without buying one!
Forget the hassles of EMIs, registrations and road tax - we’ve got you covered! Just pick the vehicle and subscription of your choice - 12 or 24 month pack and enjoy the freedom of mobility sans ownership.


Enjoy the benefits of a personal vehicle without the stress of servicing high interest EMIs.



New wheels or old, we have attractive rental to ownership schemes for the smart urban commuter


  • All lease rentals are for a distance of up to 1500Kms a month. Post 1500Kms, excess mileage of INR0.5/Km will be charged
  • All lease rentals are payable in advance for the month
  • User will be charged INR 750 per instance of a bounced cheque

We charge a monthly fee based on the type of vehicle and the duration you choose. And a nominal deposit which will be refunded at the end of the subscription on returning the vehicle in a satisfactory condition OR can be adjusted in the End of Term Sale price should you choose to buy the vehicle. Please refer to the "Pricing Plan" section for more details

Once you have registered, kindly pay the first month’s subscription fee along with the refundable deposit. Ideally, you can expect the two-wheeler of your choice to reach you within 10 days. However, it is also subject to availability with our partnered OEM.

The exact amount will depend on the plan you select(refer table above). You will have to pay a refundable deposit + 1st month subscription fee to confirm your registration.

The date of the month when the two-wheeler is delivered will become the billing cycle date for future monthly payments. Subsequent payments must be made within this billing cycle every month. Any delay in lease rental payments beyond 7 days from the due date will attract a penalty as per the agreement. If the delay exceeds 15 days from the due date, the vehicle will need to be returned. Any expenses incurred in returning the vehicle will be borne by you and if incurred by Bounce, shall be reimbursed by you

You may choose from our 12 months or 24 months plan. The monthly subscription fees will vary based on the chosen plan. And if you wish to move from one plan to another during the term of your subscription, we’ll adjust your monthly fee according to your new plan and you can start paying the new amount every month.

Please note: If you switch from a longer subscription plan to a shorter one, a processing fee of 2% of the original annualized monthly subscription fees shall be charged and the monthly rental will be charged as per the new plan.

The list of vehicles available shall be updated frequently. You may choose the colour of your preference. We can procure a vehicle of your choice, even if it is outside the options provided for subscription durations of 18 months or more.
The list of vehicles include Honda Activa, Suzuki Let’s, Suzuki Zest, Honda Dio, Ampere etc and the list shall be updated frequently.

Yes, you can. The purchase can be made at a pre-agreed End of Term Sale Value on expiry of the subscription period. However, if the purchase request is initiated during the subscription period, then this price shall differ.

The two-wheeler will be registered in your name under regular personal use i.e Black & white registration number. Bounce shall facilitate all registration related work, including the registration required when purchasing a brand new two-wheeler.

No modifications or fitment that may risk the continuity of the manufacturer’s warranty shall be permitted. Any fitment of accessories which can be easily removed without tampering with the quality of the vehicle or compromising the performance of the vehicle may be installed subsequent to a formal written confirmation from Bounce.

At the time of returning the vehicle, if removal of any of the accessories, could pose a threat in damaging the vehicle, such accessories shall be left as it is and you will not be compensated for the cost incurred in purchase or fitment of such accessories

The two-wheeler will be covered by comprehensive insurance, to take care of most of the damages. Any difference in the costs incurred to repair the vehicle and the proceeds from the insurance claim, shall be borne by You. Under certain exceptional situations and negligent usage of the vehicle, the entire cost of repair will be borne by you, irrespective of whether any claim is received from the insurance or not. For example- Riding under the influence of alcohol, involvement in incidents that violate traffic laws, rash & negligent riding, riding while talking on the phone etc.

The two-wheeler can be ridden for up to 1,500 kms per month without any additional charge. Anything beyond 1,500kms in a month would attract a charge or INR 0.5/km.

On returning the vehicle, it will be inspected to evaluate the condition. If the vehicle is found to be poorly maintained and damaged beyond everyday wear and tear, ‘major repair’ charges shall be levied. In the event the vehicle’s documents, spare keys etc are not returned, any expenses incurred towards repossessing those/repurchasing those shall be incurred by you.

If the monthly subscription fees are not paid beyond 15 days of delay from the due date, they will be recovered and adjusted against the refundable deposit.

Based on the inspection carried out at the time of returning the vehicle, if the vehicle is found to be damaged beyond expected wear and tear, an estimate of the charges to repair the vehicle shall be prepared. Such repair charges shall be adjusted against the refundable deposit. In the event that the repair charges exceed the value of the refundable deposit, the user will have to pay the difference in amount to Bounce.

All regular repairs and maintenance have to be taken care of by you as per the defined schedule and only at authorized service centers. As an introductory offer, you can get the servicing done of only used scooters by dropping/picking up at one of our hubs or by scheduling a door-step servicing at Rs 250. Any expenses incurred on damages or replacements of parts will be borne by you.

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